Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Final Four Picks

Well, I have put together my bracket. My Final Four:

1. Tennessee. Before anybody accuses me of just not liking UNC, let me state my case. I have UNC losing to Tennessee in the Elite Eight for 2 very good reasons: Chris Lofton and inside depth. UNC's biggest chink in the armor has been an inability many times to defend the perimeter. Christ Lofton is the kind of player who can make you pay for that mistake. In recent games, teams have figured out how to defend the UNC interior without fouling a lot. Tennessee has the athletes and depth inside to cause Hansbrough to work real hard. It will be a real good game, but I think Tennessee hurts UNC in enough places to squeak by.

2. Kansas. Too much talent, plain and simple. I think this could be a cake walk.

3. Texas. If March is truly about guard play, then Texas is in great shape. I don't see them having a real struggle until a possible meeting with Memphis in the Elite Eight. Memphis' horrible free throw shooting finally will catch up to them.

4. Duke. OK, I'm a fan boy, I'll admit. However, I think this team might have one more run in them. They will play some tight games, and UCLA is the big monster on the block. However, I think Kevin Love, while extremely talented, is not quite the same kind of interior threat that somebody like Hansbrough. I think Singler handles Love straight up, and Duke guards well enough to pull out the upset.

Championship Game: Kansas vs. Duke. Duke & Texas would be an incredible matchup. I pick Duke just because I want to. However, to go back to an earlier statement, Kansas is just too talented. Kansas cuts down the nets.

The madness begins tomorrow. I can't wait!

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