Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baptist Student Union - cool!

I spent last night in the home of Anne Smith talking to one of the women's missionary organizations at First Baptist Burlington about the ministry of the Elon University Baptist Student Union. I really appreciated their time and interest. BSU is a ministry that I am very glad that I have a chance to be associated with. It was a huge part of my college experience and probably the primary reason why I remained true to God's call to enter the ministry. BSU is a great place for students to continue to nurture and grow their faith among a community of fellow students who will show them great love and acceptance. I am really excited about the opportunity to go with the BSU on their Spring Break mission trip in a couple of weeks. We will be going to Grifton, NC to help improve housing for families who live in poverty. If you are a student or a parent, make sure you check out the Baptist Student Union when you arrive on campus for the first time.

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