Monday, February 4, 2008

A Truly Super Bowl

Wow!! What a game last night! I still am in some shock this morning that the New York Giants actually won. I know Eli won the MVP, and he certainly had a good game and a great second half. However, the MVP of last night's game was the entire defense of the New York Giants, especially their D-line. They had put so much pressure on Brady in the last game of the season, I thought there was no way they would be able to repeat that performance. They didn't - I think they exceeded it. I think most people thought the Giants would have to win a shootout. To win by dominating the Patriots with defense was never in the discussion!

You look at what the Giants have done to close the season in beating what many considered the 3 best teams in the NFL - Dallas in Dallas, Green Bay in Green Bay in some of the most difficult playing conditions ever, and a dynasty team that was having one of the greatest seasons ever - and they certainly deserve the title of champions. As for the Patriots, I don't feel too bad for them. They should have just as strong of a team next year (assuming that Moss re-signs). I also wonder if the cloud of Spygate would have hung over this team if they had won and finished the season 19-0. Somebody said last night, "You don't remember who lost the Super Bowl". In the Patriots case, perhaps that is a good thing. If they were to come back and win next year, without a Spygate accusation, you still would have no argument with calling them one of the great, if not greatest, dynasties the NFL has seen.

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