Thursday, February 7, 2008

Duke vs. UNC - Part 1 of 3 (at least)

Watched the big game last night, and yes, I was very pleased with the final score. To be totally honest, I did not expect Duke to win, even with Lawson out. UNC still seemed to have too much, especially inside. I had told someone that Duke's only chance was to hit from the outside, and boy did they! GO BLUE DEVILS!

Some other thoughts after last night's game:
1) Tyler Hansbrough is the player of the year in the ACC and the nation, no questions asked. NUMEROUS TIMES, he scored over top of 2 or 3 Duke defenders. When he wins, I as a Duke fan will still have to applaud what is turning out to be a terrific season.

2) Billy Packer kept commenting last night how different the game would have been if Wayne Ellington and Green had been scoring as they usually do. He mentioned several times that both players were having "off nights". Could it be that they were having "off nights" because Duke was playing some very good perimeter defense? How about a little love for the Duke D!

3) Based on what I have seen of Duke and what little I have seen of Memphis, how fun would a match up between these two teams be?

Part 2 in Cameron Indoor Stadium March 8. I can't wait!

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