Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Really Random Things About Me

There is new craze that seems to be circulating through Facebook, the "25 Really Random Things About Me" note. I resisted as long as I could, but finally gave in and put mine together. Figured I would put it up here on my blog too.

1. I alphabetize my CD collection by artist, putting each artists' album in chronological order.

2. I was born in a military hospital in Wiesbaden, West Germany (Yeah, before the wall fell).

3. I once won a James Brown dance contest at a Durham Bulls baseball game.

4. As much as I sometimes joke about it, I am perfectly happy spending a weekend entirely at home watching TV, reading a book, playing video games, or taking a nap.

5. I have lost 26 pounds since the beginning of August.

6. I love to watch "The Soup" every weekend on E!

7. I can watch just about any football or college basketball game and find it interesting.

8. Billy Joel is absolutely my favorite musician. I think I have every one of his albums.

9. I felt the call to ministry when I was a senior in high school while I was preaching the sermon at my church's Youth Sunday service.

10. The reason I like Guitar Hero so much? When I was a teenager, I would go in the basement, take a tennis racket, crank up the stereo, and pretend I was on stage.

11. The most relaxing trip I have ever been on was an Alaskan cruise Amy and I took several years ago.

12. I would love to live in Richmond, VA someday so that I could spend a lot of time hanging out around the campus of my alma mater, the University of Richmond.

13. One of my biggest fears is not being a good dad for my boys or being a good husband for my wife.

14. I can taste a difference between regular Oreo filling and the different colored filling they use at holidays.

15. It has taken me 40 minutes just to get this far into the list (Of course, I had a 20 minute phone meeting and somebody stop by the office in the middle of all that.)

16. At one point, I taught OT, NT, and World Religions at Virginia Western Community College in Roanoke. I would love to do some of that again someday if I ever had time.

17. I will read anything by Philip Yancey, C.S. Lewis, David Baldacci, or Tom Clancy.

18. I think my wife is the most beautiful woman in the world.

19. Text messages annoy me.

20. I can't wait until spring time when I can start riding my bike to the office again.

21. When I was in high school, I won an all-expenses paid trip to Ireland when I was chosen by the Roanoke Times & World-News as their Carrier of the Year. (Yeah, I was a paper boy. Don't see many of those anymore).

22. I am a registered Independent.

23. My iPod has totally changed how and what I listen to.

24. Few things break my heart more than when Noah is on the verge of crying but is trying not to.

25. My greatest joy as a parent? The looks on Justin and Noah's faces the entire week we spent in Disney World.

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Tim said...


I can relate to 9, 22 and would love to have the opportunity to do 16 while still serving a church.

I hope that you are doing well.

Tim Marsh