Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just Not In the Mood

Time to share a little pastoral secret: pastors also have days where they are just not in the mood to work. I know some folks may be surprised by this, seeing as how they think pastors only work 1 day a week anyway. However, let's leave that fallacy behind and get back on the subject: there are days that pastors would just assume call in sick for a "mental health day", days they think the clock cannot move fast enough. Today is one of those days.

Am I saying I hate my job? No. I love my job. I truly feel this is what God has called me to do and that I am serving the church where God has called me to be. I love my church! I love the people! Today is just a day that I don't feel like working.

It occurs to me that God created the sabbath day as a day of rest. I wonder sometimes if we get that "I don't feel like working today" feeling because we have forsaken too long the need for rest that God recognized when He set aside a whole day each week for us to do it. Maybe the "I don't feel like working" is our body and spirit craving what they know is part of God's plan. As I look back at recent weeks, I realize that I have not done a real great job of honoring sabbath in my life. Maybe this feeling today is God's way of saying, "Time to pull back and take the time I give you to rest your body and soul in my care."

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Follow that thought!

Jonathan Harrison said...

I recently read about a medical study done recently that showed that the hormones and chemicals released during one 30-minute public speaking segment is equivalent to 8 hours of labor, in terms of the fatigue it creates in the body.

So take a day my brother!