Monday, July 28, 2008

Technology Meets Scripture - Episode 2

"Be still, and know that I am God! I am exalted among the nations, I am exalted in the earth. The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge" Psalm 46:10-11

A few weeks ago I got an offer from in the mail from my cell phone carrier (let's just call them Horizon, shall we?). They told me I could go ahead and upgrade my cell phone even though I am not due a replacement for a couple of months. This was rather timely, seeing as how my cell phone battery had a life of about 5 minutes. Last week was the first chance I had to get my phone. I had decided I wanted to get a Palm Centro. I had a Palm Pilot which was years old and I was ready to streamline so that I don't have to carry 2 different devices with me all the time. My main purpose for my Palm has always been more about calendar & contacts & being able to sync with Outlook.

When I called Horizon to order my new phone, they said that I was required to get a data plan added to my cell phone service if I got the Centro. I asked if this data plan was a requirement for being able to sync with Outlook or operate the calendar function. I was told no, but that it would be required for browsing the web and checking email. I said I had no interest in browsing the web or checking email from my phone. I was told that it did not matter; I was required to have the data plan. I told the customer service rep that I would have to reconsider. After I hung up, I went down to my local Horizon store, where a sales rep hooked me up with a new Palm Centro with no data plan. I left the store happy with my new phone and irked that the phone rep had tried to force me to be able to browse the web and check email.

Of course, then I began to think, "Maybe I do need that capability."

You know, we are sold on the concept of being able to access anything from anywhere. We consider ourselve as "out of touch" when we turn off the cell phone, but we excuse checking email or checking out our fantasy football team. Yesterday, a young lady sang in church "Be Still and Know". When I went back and looked at the scriptural context of those words, I realized that the whole command to "be still" is tied to the continuing presence of God with us. I do not need to go searching for contact; God is already in constant contact. I need only be still from my searching and discover His presence already with me.

I think I need to be reminded from time to time that "being still" means getting away from searching and checking and calling and browsing. "Being still" means being open to the communication of the indwelling Holy Spirit that is always searching the deepest part of my heart and crying out with words I do not even know how to speak. In a world that sometimes wants to force us into being in constant contact, I need to be reminded to be still.

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