Monday, June 30, 2008


"I recognize a dynamic at work in some of them that the blogger is so intent on establishing herself or himself as a person of significance and all his or her ideas are so important that the communication comes off as nearly yelling. There is quite a bit of emotional exhibitionism going across the Ethernet."
- Bill Tillman, quoted in a story on

I looked at my blog today and it has been 21 days, exactly 3 weeks since my last blog. I don't like for that much time to lapse between blog posts. I feel like, if this is something I am going to do, I need to be committed to doing it on a regular basis.

So why has it been 3 weeks? Well, 1 week I can explain away in that my work computer was not connected to the Internet last week while it was being used for Vacation Bible School.

But I still have a computer at home. And that doesn't explain the other two weeks. OK, for 5 days I was on vacation, but still, what about the other 21/2 weeks?

I came across this quote today from Bill Tillman and it got me thinking about why I do this blogging thing. It started as part of my sabbatical as a way for me to share some of my sabbatical experiences with others while I was away. But the sabbatical ended months ago, and I kept doing this. Why?

I would like to believe that I do this because I do believe I have important ideas. Tillman's quote makes it sound like this is a bad thing. Now, if it leads to crass behavior and unChrist-like attitudes, I wholeheartedly agree with Tillman. However, I do think there are plenty of individuals who have very important ideas. If the Internet is accomplishing anything significant, perhaps it is that people can share important ideas that might get overlooked by traditional outlets that are looking only for the big names, the "proper" credentials, or the celebrity status. You do not have to be Bill Gates, Bono, or a presidential candidate to have an important idea.

However, if I am going to argue with Mr. Tillman in one area, I have to be convicted by his words in another. There should be blogs for the sharing of important ideas. (Maybe that was why there were no blog entries for 3 weeks). However, I must admit that there are moments where I feel like I should blog so that others will think I am someone important. Here is where John the Baptist becomes a helpful model for blogging: "He must increase, but I must decrease." (John 3:30). My worth or value is not tied to blogging. If the Internet indeed allows for the free sharing of ideas, then it is the ideas that should be the focus. My goal as a blogger should be to state my ideas clearly so that the ideas can be understood, not so I will receive attention for myself.

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